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E-Source Targets
    Find book recommendations based on the insights of editors and other book experts, plus various book characteristics including their subjects, awards they've won and their authors' writing styles.

Books & Authors (Library Resource)
    Books & Authors offers new ways to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors, genres and topics. Combining over 140,000 titles, 50,000 authors, and thousands of read-alike, award winner and librarian's favorites lists, Books & Authors helps bring readers and literature together.

BookNews Newsletters (Library Resource)
    Sign up for monthly book newsletters featuring your favorite genre. Discover award-winning and bestselling books and preview our monthly book newsletters.

DearReader Book Club (Library Resource)
    Join our Online Book Clubs. Every day, Monday through Friday, you will receive in your email a five-minute selection from a chapter of a book. By the end of the week, you'll have read 2-3 chapters. Every Monday we start new books. Sign up and start reading.

    Downloadable audiobooks--all iPod compatible and easy to access--24 hours/7 days a week!

Fantastic Fiction
    Includes bibliographies for over 30,000 authors and information on over 350,000 books, including cover picture, description and publication details.

    FictFact will keep track of the books you're reading and give you a list of the books you may want to read next.

    Along with extensive author bibliographies, offers a wide variety of other information, including: •Find author pseudonyms •Series search •Read the latest reviews from a variety of websites •Browse series of books by publisher and by individual author •Learn about upcoming releases •Search almost every field in our database •Visit author websites •Buy books from sellers around the world •Track your collection and wish list

Stop You're Killing Me (Mystery Books)
    Here's a site to die for...if you love mystery books! Stop, You're Killing Me! has title lists of your favorite mystery authors and series characters.

What Should I Read Next?
    Use this site to enjoy book recommendations from other readers.